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“It makes me proud that we can protect our neighbours and at the same time preserve an important part of Bradford’s cultural heritage.”

A synagogue in Bradford has been saved by the city’s Muslims. This is a lovely story. It’s good for all the obvious reasons, and also because it will so disappoint the bigots, profiteers of doom, and other bores.


6 Responses to “Muslims save Bradford Synagogue”

  1. Gail says:

    Agreed – lovely story!

  2. Steve Wenick says:

    When conflict is replaced by cooperation… all things are possible.

  3. John Smith says:

    Well, reading the story it seems the synagogue was actually saved by lottery funding and the £25,000 pledged by Bradford City Council. The drop in the ocean of “several hundred pounds” for roof repair and “a further £1,400″ from a local businessman seem to be taking the credit.

    Not to mention that the following passage seems to indicate it was all more a case of financial back-slapping more than interfaith goodwill:

    “The Muslims only started to help the synagogue by chance, explains Leavor. He had been approached by Zulficar Ali, owner of Bradford’s popular Sweet Centre restaurant, which is just a few doors away from the synagogue. Ali wanted Leavor to help oppose a planning permission for yet another curry house in the area. Leavor agreed and together managed to block the application. Ali then introduced Leavor to a local social enterprise, the Carlisle Business Centre”

    So, all in all, not that heart-warming at all.

  4. oyvagoy says:

    I refer you to the penultimate sentence of my post

    • John Smith says:

      I refer you to the facts of the story, which aren’t as rosy as you paint them out to be. I’m all for a story with a bit of heart and human grace, but this doesn’t seem to be one I’m afraid.

  5. Nathalie Duhau says:

    Only today did I hear about this story on French television. Does it prove that muticulturalism in Great Britain can still work? We’ve had none of these stories here. Even if it’s not totally profit-free, I daresay it’s rather outstanding. Don’t we teach or children to believe in Man?

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