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Silly but true: as a kid, I thought God’s name was Peter. I kept mishearing in church when the vicar said: “Thanks be to God.”

Have a lovely week everyone.

4 Responses to “Good old Peter!”

  1. mightymark says:

    Rather like Noel Coward who asked a waiter what was the unpleasant thing on his plate, and was told “its a piece of cod sir”. Coward replied that it was a “piece of cod that passeth all understanding”.

  2. Sophie says:

    As in ‘Peter God’?! Haha!
    I had a friend who thought the minister was God.
    I thought God was an owl because I saw a picture of an owl in a book of Bible stories and I suppose I must have thought it looked sort of God-like.

  3. AllanL5 says:

    And there’s the old “Our Father, who Art in Heaven, Howard be thy name.”

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