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David Ward MP and cartoonist Steve Bell have recently provoked controversies about criticism of Israel, antisemitism, and where the two phenomena meet.

Each episode followed a familiar pattern.

Here is the David Ward episode in brief…

His starting point: a belief that one cannot say anything remotely critical of Israeli policy without being accused of antisemitism.

His next move: making a genuinely outrageous statement about Israel, “the Jews” and the Holocaust.

The effect: David Ward is accused of antisemitism.

His conclusion: I told you so!

(Ward’s ongoing refusal to admit the problem with his comments is toe-curling to witness. First, he giggled about it on Sky News. Yesterday, The Guardian published a jaw-dropping interview in which he continued to dig his hole. Today, he called out for an even bigger shovel in Jewish News.)

The row involving cartoonist Steve Bell is different but no less familiar.

Bell, a longstanding, obsessive critic of Israel, was spectacularly boorish during an exchange with the Jewish Chronicle‘s Stephen Pollard on Radio 4′s Today programme last week. Arrogant Bell said of complaints of antisemitism: “They throw it around with such abandon and, if there is real antisemitism, it’s actually getting ignored.”

He did not explain precisely who “they” are, nor did he elaborate on his question of “if” real antisemitism exists anywhere.

But it seems reasonable to conclude he was accusing at least some Jewish people who complain about antisemitism of being the kids ‘who cried wolf’. Yet when real wolves are pointed out to him Bell simply dismisses them with fresh sneers.

He has recently taken to drawing daily anti-Israel cartoons, in which he mocks antisemitism as ‘aunty semutism’ [sic]. I remember when Guardian contributors campaigned on behalf of those experiencing racism. Bell mocks them.

I’m not aware of him targeting any other nations as obsessively as he has the Israelis. Nor can I find any record of him issuing condescending rulings to other minority groups on what they are and are not allowed to find offensive. Were his arrogance more widely targeted it would cause less suspicion.

Ward and Bell are playing familiar games. Ward went to great effort to be accused of antisemitism, in order to become the martyr who had been accused of antisemitism. Bell’s game, meanwhile, is to appoint himself arbitrator of what is and is not antisemitism.

These two games are popular among Israel-haters who lack the rhetorical skill or knowledge to debate the issue properly. No one needs to play along with such fools. Call them out on the game they are playing and they quickly shut up.

Then we can debate with people who actually care.

20 Responses to “Ward, Bell, and the games they play”

  1. F Callen says:


  2. Gail says:

    Absolutely spot on. I wonder if Ward and Bell would find this legitimate criticism when the Headteacher at the local primary school stood up at the end of the nativity play and said `The road Mary travelled on to Bethlehem is still there but the disgusting Israelis have put a dirty great big wall through it.’

    • Yohnitzl says:

      The primary-school Head had the ultimate bully pulpit. Who’s going to stop the little kiddies’ once-a-year Occasion – a Nativity is a participatory Good Time, in a Typically English Christian Spirit – by standing up and delivering a skilful extempore rebuttal to what has become the quintessential Typical English Christian bigotry? Get your children out of her school if they attend it, out her explicitly as an antisemite. It’s past time to eliminate this poison for good.

      • Gail says:

        I agree. I am constantly tackling the delegetimisation of Israel. Their Church High School has a school trip to the `Holy Land’ with an itinary which doesn’t mention Israel once. The large world map in the entrance colour codes all the countries of the world with the languages they speak. Israel is in red along with the whole of the Arab world. When tackled they said Arabic is an official language of Israel and they had no plans to change it. Fed up. Thinking of moving to Israel.

  3. Eleanor S says:

    so true. well written. this should be published in the JC or jewish news chas! x

  4. Richard Armbach says:

    ” He did not explain precisely who “they” are, nor did he elaborate on his question of “if” real antisemitism exists anywhere.”

    Such sleight of hand. The gratuitous insertion of ” anywhere ” makes all the difference. Bell didn’t say that. It was a live broadcast, not a written article. His point is that this spreading of the charge of anti-semitism around like confetti takes the sting out of the real thing, ie hatred of Jews, discrimination against Jews, persecution of Jews or some combination.

    “Bell’s game, meanwhile, is to appoint himself arbitrator of what is and is not antisemitism.” Wow surely not. Do people REALLY do that ? Adam ?

    • Bozo The Clown says:

      Who’s Adam?

      Perhaps you haven’t noticed RichA, this isn’t CifWatch. You seem to be obsessed with Adam Levick in an unhealthy way.

      Comments to the author should be addressed to Chas Newkey-Burden, you idiot!

  5. Richard Armbach says:

    Bell is hated primarily because he is not afraid of the Hasborafia, and won’t be intimidated and is going to some lengths to make that clear. Good for him. Let us remember that the background is Scarfe’s cartoon which no disinterested person would regard as anti-semitic.

    • Jeff says:

      So, Bell is not afraid of the “Hasborafia?” What is that? What exactly would he have to fear? Does such an organization exist, except in the fevered imaginations of Israel haters? Apparently Richard likes playing the same game as Bell and Ward.

      Bell’s cartoons are both amateurish and adolescent. There’s nothing even clever about them. Just some drawings by a dolt.
      An as for Ward, what is anti-Semitism if not a form of political hucksterism?

    • Jaimi says:

      Bell is not hated as much as he is pitied.A pitiful attention seeker,in today’s UK,if you want to be noticed especially by that racist rag the Guardian and that other pathetic organization the BBC.It’s a must that you smear Israel.
      This bearded sad sack Steve Bell is no Mona Lisa,it’s very easy to make fun of him,even without using condoms blood asses and fisting.
      Steve Bell is obsessed with Israel…And is in desperate need of help…

    • mightymark says:

      I do wish you people would make up your minds – either the “Hasbarafia” is a fearful, demonic, free speech denying force – or it isn’t. On the basis of what you say about Bell clearly it isn’t.

      Forgive me, but I just think you seem to want to have your cake and eat it. One minute its all “oh how dreadful the Hasbarafia is” then its “oh how brave those who defy it are”. My own take on it is that there is no deficiency in anti Israel voices and the pretence that there is is in fact an Israel hating tactic that is now wearing very thin indeed.

  6. Jaimi says:

    Steve Bell’s disturbed cartoons look like they were hatched in an asylum.The sort of cartoons from a weird cartoonist that only the Guardian could or would employ.No serious paper would have a bar of him…..

  7. Jaimi says:

    Richard Armbach…..What is Hasborafia……It sounds like Leftist basket weavers using rafia.

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  9. Jeff says:

    Richard has an obsession, but not with “homophobic rants” as it were.

  10. Emuna Machen Smith says:

    Beautifull interview -Chas Newkey-Burden !

  11. Chas Newkey-Burden says:

    David Ward MP has a defender: Noam Chomsky.

    Read more here: http://davidward.org.uk/en/article/2013/658628/noam-chomsky-defends-david-ward-mp-s-comments-on-israel-s-treatment-of-palestinians

    Welcoming (!) Chomsky’s support, Ward said: “The intention behind my comments was to start a genuine discussion about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and how the Israeli government seemingly acts with impunity for its actions in Gaza and the West Bank. I now intend to work with groups around the country to start a discussion that can take a frank look at this conflict and what we can do to bring an end to atrocities committed by both sides in this appalling and long lasting conflict.”

    He seems to think he is the first person to take an interest in the issue!

    • Jeff says:

      “The intention behind my comments was to start a genuine discussion about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and how the Israeli government seemingly acts with impunity for its actions in Gaza and the West Bank.”
      He’s lying, of course, i.e., we know that that was never his intention, just a further spinning of his tangled web. I notice he made sure to refer to old Noam as “Dr. Chomsky” to give it a little more weight.
      “A doctor!” my Jewish mother would be so impressed! But make no mistake, “Dr. Chomsky” is no liberal democrat.

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