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I had never heard of Etti Ankri until I read about her in Daniel Gordis’ interesting new book, The Promise of Israel. In the book, he absolutely raves about her album Beshirei Rabbi Yehuda Halevi, which sets the poetry of the 12th-century Spanish rabbi Yehuda Halevi to music.

So I gave it a spin as I carried on reading, and it’s enriched many a day since.

Here’s one of the album’s tracks. I’d love to hear which Israeli music artists you recommend…

17 Responses to “Etti Anrki: Beshirei Rabbi Yehuda Halevi”

  1. LOVED THIS!!! just love all israeli music…. now its in my head lol x

  2. PeterLazio says:

    Who can resist the tale of Halevi, navigating life in 11th Century Spain before being lost in or on his way to the Holy Land? I bought a copy of Gabriel Levin’s translation of Halevi poems, Poems from the Diwan on my first visit to Jerusalem. Startling and delicate.

  3. Duvid Crockett, King of DeLancey Street, /Home of gefilte fish and kosher meat says:

    Great atmospheric track. What is the stringed instrument playing the melody line? Is it an oud, saz or bouzouki? Duvidl guesses oud, as it sounds quite bassy.

    Duvidl plays bouzouki and banjo and very much enjoys Israeli Irish traditional music. Here are two of his favourite Israeli Irish trad bands, The Bloomers (playing on a park bench somewhere in Israel(with passing Irish dancer) and The Black Velvet Band based in Tel Aviv, with a great fluter, fiddler and Irish bouzouki player.



  4. Chas Newkey-Burden says:

    Any fans of Gidi Gov reading?

    I saw him play live in Jerusalem at the Sultans Pool during the 2010 Jerusalem International Arts and Crafts Festival.

    It was during my ‘Once In A Lifetime’ trip to Israel. A great night, I loved jumping up and down with hundreds and hundreds of Israelis of all ages!

  5. Jill says:

    I’m a little out of date I’m afraid but am a fan of Ehud Banai, Shlomo Artzi, Lior (an Israeli Australian musician.)
    I have heard some terrific more modern Israeli musos but off the top of my head can’t recall any names.

    Chas, have you seen this http://www.themetropolitain.ca/articles/view/1235
    A Canadian Aboriginal Tells of his Zionism (and the Palis to stop appropriating his heritage).

  6. Daniel Levy says:

    This is good, but Rinat Bar is also good. In this link she combines the old style of Mizrahi using Arabic and Turkish with more modern Hebrew. In a word: awesome!

  7. yuval says:

    Yehudit Raviz, Mika Karni, Korin Alal, “HaMachshefot”(the witches), anyone from “Kaveret”,Daniella Boss, Yoni Bloch, Aviv Gefen (the early years), Ester Rada, Arik Einstien… just go on youtube
    and go from there

  8. Ilana says:

    My all time favourite song is Atur Mitzchech – and Arik Einstein is one of my favourite singers. I suppose I’m giving my age away a bit here, but try the song. I’m also revealing my age by being unable to do a proper link, but it’s here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcayUsa9yvw or you could just type Atur Mitzchech into the search bar.

  9. Ilana says:

    I see it came out as a link anyway! You learn something every day.

  10. Hi Chas
    I run a Jewish music band called Shir in London http://www.shirmusic.co.uk
    I also like the Eti Ankri CD very much.
    I’m listening to Yonatan Razel – very special, deep, religious, unusual musically for spiritual Jewish music. Try it.

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