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Again, I am reminded of this passage from Shoah survivor Elie Wiesel’s spellbinding book Souls on Fire: Portraits and Legends of Hasidic Masters:

‘What cannot help but astound us is that the Hasidim remained the Hasidim inside the ghetto walls, inside the death camps. In the shadow of the executioner, they celebrated life. Startled Germans whispered to each other of Jews dancing in the cattle cars rolling towards Birkenau; Hasidim ushering in Simchat Torah. And there were those who in Block 57 at Auschwitz tried to make me join in their fervent singing. Were these miracles?’

Haunting, inspiring and astonishing.

Read more about Holocaust Memorial Day here.

9 Responses to “Holocaust Memorial Day 2013”

  1. Shmuel says:

    Very humbling. I love these posts.

  2. Eleanor S says:

    thank you for writing this today x

  3. Richard Armbach says:

    No Chas it isn’t The Sunday Times and/or David Ward that poisoned it.( re your tweet ) It was you and your fellow rabid hysterics that hijacked it to make hesborafia capital out of it.

  4. Jake says:

    A very powerful passage. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Chas Newkey-Burden says:

    This is a very thought-provoking and powerful piece from Pop Chassid: http://popchassid.com/world-learned-wrong-lesson-holocaust/

  6. Jill says:

    I think Pop Hassid is the one who has learned the wrong lesson.

    The world did not care about saving the Jews becuase in general they do not care about the jews unless the deaths are so horrific that they are forced to think of themselves as bad people.
    Europe had centuries of massacring Jews as atradition and the Holocaust was simply another, more organised and more complicated version of the same thing – massacre of Jews. The new ingredient was the injection of the lobbying of haj Amin El Husseini of various European countries to not send the jews to Palestine becuase the Muslims wanted it.
    They and Hitler agreed and this was one reson for the jews being massacred instead of merely ejected from Europe to palestine.
    the british of course did not want the Jews in their own land for strategic purposes, so they too opressed and persecuted the jews who went there and made their lives a hell on earth for daring to rtavel to their country. they also theived their money, property and weapons and most of palestine and gave it to the Arabs.

    no, the lesson of the Holocaust, the most recent in a long line of massacres, needs to be learned by the Jews – that “the world” will make use of them while they 9we) live, and is so busy trying to be the Chose of their own respective religions that they will happily see them killed so they can feel No. 1.

    The rest about power and victims is simply marxist rhetoric that allows them to keep killing Jews, which is the running theme of world events.
    Sorry if this comes off negative Chas, becuase ther lots of wonderful people, Jew, Christian, atheist, and even the odd Muslim figthing the jihadsist and Marxists and standing up for Israel.
    But for writers – for there are more than just this guy – to fall for the story or impression that the wordl is so fooled by the Victim narrative, especialyl in these days of incredibly high levels of communication, is simply foolish and the sign of a persobn in denial.
    the world knows why it sends millions and billions to the Arabs and why it helps them and thieves and murders for them. because they want the Jews gone.
    You can tell by their priorites, eg the Chrrches. Are theuy trying to free and help the Christians being massacred by Msulims?
    No, they organise interfaith meetings, ahve tea and scones and campaign against israel and let their own faith members be annihialted.

    Don’t kid yourself – the only good that cam out of the Holocaust was that heroes were born then and heroes are born now.
    we don’t need false lessons- we need clear thinking, clarity about ‘the world” and action.

    And good vacations and lovely blogs like yours and Irish for Israel etc. ;)

  7. Jill says:

    Apologies for spelling, hope that is readable. Lousy typist when I’m in a hurry.

  8. test says:

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