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We continued our annual tradition of heading to Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve. Ollie Bollen, fireworks, food and fun – we had a lovely little time. Here are some photographs I took.

I visited the Portuguese Synagogue, which is a beautiful building.

The buttresses are modelled on those of a reconstruction of the Temple of Jerusalem.

This is at the entrance of the mourning room.

And here is the mourning room.

Elsewhere in the city, I was thrilled as always to see my Amy Winehouse biography translated and on sale.

Finally, I don’t think the barista at Starbucks believed this was actually my name.

Happy New Year! I now feel relaxed and recharged – how was your holiday period?


6 Responses to “New Year in Amsterdam”

  1. Daniel says:

    A nice selection of photographs Chas

  2. Steve Wenick says:

    Chas… Spend a lot of time in De Wallen? LOL

    • Chas Newkey-Burden says:

      Haha, none at all – not my scene!

      However, a stranger did ask me for directions to it. I tried to not be insulted that he thought I’d know!

      • TeamAshley says:

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