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This is a guest post from Daniel Levy

Middle Eastern cuisine is delicious but all too often it can be time-consuming, fiddly and a bit hit and miss if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. As a staple carbohydrate in the Middle East, rice features in most main meals and can either make or break them, depending how it’s been cooked. By using a few readily available spices and seasonings you get a unique golden colouring and great flavours too. This recipe doesn’t have precise measurements; I find that being generous with the fruit used in it yields a more satisfying end dish that goes particularly well with meat (think Shabbat chamin). You can call it Kurdish, Moroccan, Bukharian, Persian, Iraqi or Tunisian rice – it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s cooked correctly, everyone should enjoy it!

· Rice (basmati rice is particularly good for this dish)
· Turmeric
· Cinnamon
· Cumin
· Orange juice
· Dried apricots cut into small pieces
· Raisins

1. Soak the raisins and apricots in orange juice until they have swollen to about twice their original size
2. Boil the rice as its packaging advises with a generous shake of turmeric and teaspoon each of cinnamon and cumin
3. Once cooked drain the rice and fluff it up with a fork while adding the fruit
4. The rice can either be served immediately, or slightly browned (see next stage)
5. To brown the rice place it on a pyrex dish on a hotplate for at least two hours, or until you can see that the bottom has considerably browned
6. Once this has happened, stir well and the rice should have a wonderfully crunchy texture


7 Responses to “Recipe: Oriental rice”

  1. Chas Newkey-Burden says:

    Thanks for this recipe, Dan. I’m a virtual stranger to the kitchen but I might try and rustle this up.

    My local Lebanese restaurant does a lovely rice which this sounds similar to.

    • F Callen says:

      Don’t want to spoil your appetite, but where do all the profits go?

      • yuvy says:

        the committee of the elders of zion dhuuu

      • Chas Newkey-Burden says:

        Don’t want to spoil your appetite, but where do all the profits go?

        To the sinister global conspiracy that secretly underpins every Muslim restaurant on earth!

        I’m entirely joking of course. The profits go to the nice man who owns and runs the restaurant.

  2. yuvy says:

    it looks like my University’s cafeteria food. it is said that cumin kills bacteria so they put way too much of it on everything so the whole place glows bright yellow all the time. Still better than the IDF, they use pepper on everything to hide the fact they can’t cook.

  3. Shmuel says:

    The pic is making me hungry but by looking at it

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