In recent years some people have claimed that Hamas is happy to live in peace, provided Israel returns to its pre-1967 borders.

Yesterday, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal spoke at a ‘victory’ rally in Gaza. He emerged from a model of a Hamas rocket, and stood on a stage which represented the whole land of historic Palestine.

He said: “Palestine is ours, from the river to the sea and from the south to the north. There will be no concession on an inch of the land.”

“We will never recognise the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation and therefore there is no legitimacy for Israel, no matter how long it will take.”

Well, at least they have made themselves clear.

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  1. Jude says:

    Chas Hamas have been making themselves crystal clear for years, the issue has been that around the world countries, political parties – people have chosen not to listen to what they keep repeating – & have in their Charter plain & simple. People have said oh it’s just popular rhetoric, we can deal with these people really – but it’s a we only hear what we would like to hear attitude – not reality which Meshaal made extra clear with a megaphone yesterday, in case anyone has any doubts that they mean it. Finally. It’s been suggested an appropriate response ” Gaza is a liberated part of Palestine. Rafah border with Egypt is open. No occupation any more. Israel should announce that Gaza has 2 years from today to take care of its own electricity, water, food and economic needs. In 2 years from today, the Israeli-Gaza border is closed and nothing will come to Gaza from Israel. Let them trade through Egypt, use El Arish, Port Said, whatever, not through Israel which they desire to destroy. If they want to build a sea port – go ahead, if they smuggle arms through the port, Israel will stop it. If they want quiet, they have to give quiet. They want war, as Khaled Mashal said, they will get war. Two years – that’s that I would say, they they’re on their own.” I think 2 years is far too long, three months would be nice, lots of money from the Gulf States instead.

  2. Oliver Worth says:

    Imagine if Bibi stood on a stage in Rabin Square surrounded by pictures of Greater Israel, with an F-15 in the background and cheering children in military gear in the crowd, and called for the destruction of Palestine. Front page of BBC News, editorial pages would have a field day.

    Except this happened, yesterday, just it was the other way round. Apparently when an elected terrorist group with a genocidal constitution recommits to driving the Jews into the sea, it’s actually a call for Palestinian reconciliation.

  3. Shmuel says:

    Do ‘some people’ truly claim Hamas would stop fighting at 67 borders? Really? Who?

  4. Berkshire Shwarma Appreciation Society says:

    But surely all Hamas want is to reclaim their “stolen” hummus recipe? Or have I got them confused with Hezbollah?

    • Chas Newkey-Burden says:

      It’s all amba to me

      • blahblahblah says:

        You actually wrote quite a sensible and thoughtful article the other day in which you seemed to suggest that bigotry and hatred are rooted in ignorance.I suppose this article is part of your mission to believe 3 contradictory things before breakfast.How so?
        Well,isn’t the statement
        “Palestine is ours, from the river to the sea and from the south to the north. There will be no concession on an inch of the land.”
        pretty much indistinguishable from the known beliefs of the settlers in the west bank that you seem to support wholeheartedly? or am I missing something?

        • Jonathan says:

          Yes, that’s right. But the key difference is that the Greater Palestine ideology on the Palestinian/Arab/Muslim side represents the mainstream and effectively blocks moving towards any kind of peace deal. The equivalent Greater Israel ideology on the Israeli/Jewish side is a minority viewpoint that would not be able to stop the majority agreeing to a deal if one were on the table.

          • blahblahblah says:

            Yasser was willing to negotiate. But the Israelis didn’t like him so now they have Hamas(which,incidentaly they fostered and bankrolled to split the Palestinians.)

            In any case,you can negotiate with anyone,if you really want to.The sad truth is that Israel is now addicted to occupation and expansion.

        • Klaudia says:

          Qatar probably doesn’t mind in the least that its “humanitarian aid” is being trneud into dollars to buy more arms for jihad. This way their hands are “clean”.The EU is basically doing the same thing without even the fig leaf cover of flour. They just hand Hamas over 90% of its funding in cash with no accountability. Hamas in turn spends a fraction of the money to feed Palestinians and the bulk on arms with the obvious approval of their electorate (who have no trouble demonstrating any grievance they may feel).If Palestinians were actually starving, they would have the choice of turfing the leaders who bring them such consequences through their aggression or they could choose to starve for Allah (a slower version of blowing themselves up). However, Palestinians fed at the EU table have no motivation whatsoever to rein in Hamas.They get to eat their EU cake AND attack Israel as well under the present set up. They are not paying the full consequences of their actions, treated by the international left like the eternal juvenile delinquents that they are.

  5. Michael cohen says:

    Oh we don’t kill Jews long as they don’t live in the Zionist entity don’t give money the Zionist entity .They have never ever been to the Zionist entity (unless it’s on a mission to support Hamas such as a flotilla ).They don’t have any family in the zionist entity . “Israel” isn’t stamped in there passport.The men are not circumcised, They have never read the Torah. They BDS the Zionist entity 24/7. They have never ever used a Zionist product or any product based on a zionist invention or concept. They have never had a dream favorable to zionist’s or the entity.As long as all these conditions are met Jews are safe at least as long as any future hudna lasts..YEP we love those Jews!!!

  6. Israelinurse says:

    Hamas certainly did spell it out and – as Jude rightly says above – not for the first time by any means.

    I don’t know how many people watched the rally live rather than just reading about it in the media, but anyone who did cannot but have been shocked to the marrow by the hate-filled speeches,the disgustingly worded songs to which the crowd clapped enthusiastically along and the sight of small children dressed up in terrorist garb.

    I’m afraid the association which cropped up in my mind whilst watching it was that old footage of the Neuremberg rallies. The screamed rhetoric, the fist waving, the unwavering agreement from the crowd, the obsession with an outside element which must be removed as the only ‘solution’ to an intolerable situation…

    I have just one small request.

    I’d like all members of both houses of the British Parliament and all foreign office staff to watch that footage from start to finish. (Wouldn’t hurt if journalists did so too).

    Then I’d like them to seriously consider their repeated platitudes regarding a ‘window of opportunity for the two-state solution’and the potential consequences of the recent UN GA vote.

    • Jonathan says:

      Is the whole speech available anywhere on the internet, do you know, rather than just the highlights of it that MEMRI have posted?

  7. Chas Newkey-Burden says:

    Crossposted on The Algemeiner:

  8. James Coleman says:

    Of course they lay claim to ALL of the land, because it is their land. Zionists from Europe, with help from the British stole it from the indigenous, native Arab who were living in Palestine and gave it to Jews from Hungary, Poland etc. And before anyone post the typical lies that Palestine did not exist should first check out any official pre-1900 maps. One linked below:

    Also the concept of Aliya. If the jews always exited in Palestine, why the need for Aliya??

    • Jonathan says:

      As far as the map is concerned, there had been no *political* entity called Palestine for hundreds of years by the 19thC/early 20thC because the Ottomans did not use the name for any of their administrative districts. The fact that a map produced in the West in the 19thC/early 20thC uses the term as a *geographical* designation, equivalent to the vague Holy Land, because the word is so familiar to a western audience given the old Roman and Byzantine usages, is irrelevant.

    • Israelinurse says:

      You know what, James; let’s pretend for a moment that you’re right. (You’re not, but my Mystic Meg powers tell me you’re not going to admit that.)
      The world has moved on since 1948 and now there are over 7 million Israelis living in the Middle East – well over half of them born there.
      Wouldn’t it be a lot more sensible to stop dwelling in the past and make the best of what there is rather than harping on incessantly about what there isn’t?
      Israel isn’t going anywhere. When Hamas & co accept that, they can begin building a future for their children. Until then, they continue to trap themselves in an ever-downward spiral of hatred, violence, death and destruction.
      Time they grew up and moved on.

  9. Brian Goldfarb says:

    Oh that old canard, again. James Coleman prefers to ignore/forget that a. the place was the land of Israel from app 1000 BCE, then divided into 2 separate states: Israel and Judah; b. It covered most of the area that is now Israel and the West Bank and, even, on occasion, covered land to the East of the Jordan; c. the Assyrian conquest of the Northern Kingdom left behind Jews (attested by the Assyrian Chronicles – which historians accept as essentially accurate); d. the Babylonians also left Jews behind when they conquered Judah, the exiles returning some decades later after Cyrus and the Medes and persians conquered, in turn, the Babylonian empire; e. the Romans, despite bringing about the Diaspora of the Jews (after Hadrian slaughtered 600, 000 of them (according to the 2010 British Museum exhibition on Hadrian), left Jews behind in the renamed Palestina; f. in turn, the Turks made this part of the Province of Syria, while retaining the name, and, incidentally, allowing further jewish immigration in the 19th Century, which increased after 1870, when the Zionists started entering the country. BTW, this continued under the British mandate until they left, defeated, after 1948.

    Further, the Arab (non-Jewish) population of the area increased after the Zionists started entering the area and started investing in economic development projects.

    This is my evidence and counter argument. What’s your evidence, James, other than an ancient map with names which may or may not reflect any sort of reality, only someone’s political philosophy or ideology?

    • Lynne T says:

      Coleman refers to a single map. I’ve seen maps dating to Renaissance times that label the territory “between the Jordan and the sea” as Judeah, and while the Jews were a persecuted minority since those days, well before the dawning of Zionism in eastern Europe such centres as Jerusalem, Safed and Hebron had significant Jewish populations. This was despite the incredible hostility these communities faced, particularly from the various Christian sects.

      According to Sir Martin Gilbert, the first purchase of land for the benefit of Jews, by the way, was made in the 1830s by Sir Moses Montefiore, not to resettle Ashkenazic Jews, but following massacres in Safed and Damascus.

  10. Steve Wenick says:

    Hamas not only doesn’t recognize Israel it doesn’t recognize reality. The weight of history is testament to the folly of a delusional genocidal group of Islamic thugs whose core belief is that the only way to improve their lot is to destroy a people who conquered and settled in the Land of Canaan thousands of years before Islam existed.

    Hamas revels in savage behavior and in the end will be brought low as a result of it. Their eventual demise will be at the hands of their own barbaric actions.

  11. Chas Newkey-Burden says:

    On a happier note, this post from Pop Chassid is beautiful:

  12. La Cumparsita says:

    I found the triumphalist note in the reporting of this rally by the BBC nauseating. By the way, more news of our “friends” the palestine solidarity camapign here:

    • Lynne T says:

      The Palestinians don’t just have the corrupt, thuggish leaders from hell. They also have the anti-Semetic friends from hell.

  13. Jonathan says:

    Blah blah blah, your comments at 3.47pm on 12 December have no factual basis to back them up.

    The reason there are currently no negotiations is because the Palestinian leadership under Abbas has refused to come to the table for 4 yrs. Even when Netanyahu agreed to a freeze on building within settlements (something not required by any existing agreement between Israel and the PA, even in the hey-day of Oslo) a few yrs ago, Abbas refused to negotiate until the ten-month freeze was due to expire. In contrast, all Israeli leaders in recent years, including Netanyahu, have been explicit in public and private about being willing to negotiate without preconditions.

    As for Arafat, the most significant thing is that he was offered a state in Gaza, E.Jerusalem, and the equivalent of all the W.Bank but turned it down and instead started a terror war against Israel’s civilians that entailed a London 7/7 type suicide bombing almost once a week for a year. He made himself irrelevant to put it mildly and, as it happened, then died.

    As for expansion and occupation, the opposite of what you say is the case. Israel has withdrawn from territory and ended occupation in the past 12 years in Lebanon and Gaza. And regarding the W.Bank, Olmert’s govt was voted in to do something similar there until it became clear that it would be suicidal in light of what happened in Gaza. Nevertheless, as thing stand, the occupation is de facto over for the majority of W.Bank Palestinians who live day to day under the aegis of the PA, not Israel.

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