This beautiful video, for the Rich Bueno song Centre of the Sun, was edited and produced by my good friend – and OyVaGoy reader – Josh Gershuny.

The multi-talented Josh is running next year’s London Marathon to raise funds for Magen David Adom UK. You can find out more about this charity, and Josh’s effort, here.

Happy weekend everyone. I have a column in the new issue of the Jewish Chronicle. I’ll post it here in a few days.

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3 Responses to “Gosh, it's Josh”

  1. Sam the Man says:

    As we come closer the revelation of the Jewish Moshiach, non Jews are more and more interested in the real thing.

  2. Richard Armbach says:

    What do you think Chas ? Is Sam right ?

  3. Richard Armbach says:

    Ha Chas I have been ” awaiting moderation ” by the best. You don’t even get onto the scale.

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