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For a while I’ve had a theory that opponents of Israel will get behind anything anti-Israel, without giving the accuracy of it a moment’s thought. So, on Sunday evening after I wrote this post about rocket attacks on Israel, I thought I’d put my theory to the test.

I tweeted George Galloway MP the link to my post, and asked: ‘RT for my #GazaUnderAttack post?’ Sure enough, he re-tweeted my message a split second later.

Interestingly, some of his anti-Israel Twitter followers also re-tweeted the message within seconds of him doing so. But eventually Galloway realised what he had done.

It was just a bit of fun, really. But it was quite revealing: all that mattered to Galloway and several of his anti-Israel followers was that they believed, because of the #GazaUnderAttack hash-tag I had used, that they were circulating anti-Israel propaganda. They did not even feel they had to read what it was before they recommended it.

George Galloway: I salute your courage, your strength, and your gullibility!

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19 Responses to “Punking George Galloway”

  1. Chas Newkey-Burden says:

    Many of my posts now also appear on The Algemeiner

  2. sharna says:

    Possibly the best ‘chas-action’ to date. Showing Galloway for what he is.

  3. Marksy says:

    Chas, mazel tov! You did him like a “kipper”! Love it!

  4. Blair Supporter says:

    Very nice one. It has long been clear that numpties like Galloway read/understand little. Their reaction to certain cues/hashtags is knee-jerk. #jerks

  5. Lynne T says:


  6. Rochelle says:

    That is fantastic. Love it!

  7. shir says:

    I saw it happening, funny but you’re probably marked now.

  8. Zohar says:

    It’s so funny that it’s totally sad. Somehow hate became a hobby for some people in this world.

    • PeterLazio says:

      Too right: hate became a hobby for some.

      Visiting the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin last week, my German guide explained that “the Jews” had demanded that the memorial be just for them, when “they” should have shared it with other victims. Having been struck dumb by such a sentiment before, I had my answer ready: it is not for the murder victims’ family to remember other murder victims. It is for the perpetrators to remember all the victims.”

      Hatred is indeed a hobby, a habit, a way of life for some.

  9. PeterLazio says:

    The Telegraph in London reports that those in the UK who recently retweeted horrible allegations about a certain politician might be sued by him, as he is totally innocent. Only a fool retweets something not checked for libel, defamation or untruthfulness.

  10. Alison Schwartz says:

    Really great – you are so smart Chas to expose Galloway for what he is – an anti-Zionist idiot who doesn’t care about the truth one iota.

  11. Chas Newkey-Burden says:

    Thanks for all the nice comments

  12. Khayyam says:

    Hi Chas,

    I must admit that Galloway’s knee-jerk reaction was extremely silly of him to do, given the number of followers he has and the influence he has, but does it really take anything away from what he stands for?
    Regardless of whether you are Jewish/Muslim/Christian/Atheist, it doesnt really matter when innocent lives are lost.
    You doing this for comical value doesnt cover the pain of every single family who have lost loved ones (be they Jewish or Muslim).
    We should neither call for the destruction of the Palestinians nor the destruction of the Jews. Peace is what should be called for.
    No religion incites or propogates violence except in self defence. No one is better than anyone else.
    Everyone has been created by God and on the day when we stand infront of Him, we will be held to account for what each of us did (even when we dillude ourselves into thinking it was in His Name.
    I merely ask you to look deep inside and check your intention.
    No one deserves pain, humiliation and anguish.
    God sent Moses when the Jews were oppressed by Pharao.
    Is Israel today’s Pharao???

    • Shir says:

      we’re not calling for the destruction of Balestinians, even though we have the ability to do so, the problem is that the Palestinians are calling for the destruction of Israel – when they can’t do it. if they could they would and I’d be dead and happy. meanwhile we are trying to attack specific targets without causing collateral damage.

      • Khayyam says:

        I honestly believe you when you say you are not calling for the destruction of Palestinians, however the actions of the military do not conform to such sentiments.

        When you say “we are trying to attack specific targets without causing collateral damage”, I cannot but gasp in shock.
        How is it that the civilian casualty rate is so high? I accept that Hamas are genuine targets for Israel – Israel is officially at war with Hamas. However due to the size of Gaza and the population density, it would be impossible to ensure the safety of civilians.
        Quite often the Israeli spokespeople claim that Hamas use the civilians as human shields, by firing rockets from near their houses, thus Israel has to strike back at those sites. Please explain how that is minimising ‘collateral damage’.
        The way most people see it is that Israel holds next to no value on the lives of Palestinians.
        Let me put this another way… If Hamas fired a rocket from a Jewish settlement, would Israel rain bombs down on the settlement? No way! They would acknowledge the risks associated with killing innocents and thus desist from such measures.
        The reality is that Hamas are guilty of endangering innocent Israeli civilians. They use crude missiles that have little to no accuracy, and thus cannot aim directly at military targets.
        Israel on the other hand uses much more precise weaponry, but manages to stack up a massive body count, using “surgically accurate weapons”.
        The reality is that both parties are to blame. To see any loss of life on either side is heartbreaking, but no doubt, the war will go on (not this particular conflict – war in general). Hamas needs to accept that Israel is here to stay and thus needs to come to the table with that in mind.
        Israel needs to accept that the Palestinians are human too – they have a right to travel and trade freely, to ensure their own security and to be a sovereign state.

        Will this happen one day? I sincerely hope so…

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