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Ahava, the beautiful Israeli cosmetics company that has been targeted by ugly boycotters, has announced it is expanding into seven new countries, and expects a 10 percent growth in sales in the coming year.

Gosh, how embarrassing for the BDS movement! You can find out more about Ahava’s products here. Why not buy some? Their eye cream is miraculous!

11 Responses to “Ooh, ah, Ahava…”

  1. Sandra says:

    Brilliant. Am going to buy some tomorrow to help the Israeli economy!

  2. Sarah AB says:

    Yes, their stuff is very good – though quite pricey.

    • Chas Newkey-Burden says:

      Indeed. On the eye cream front I think it still constitutes value for money. And I speak as one who has tried no end of different brands!

    • Israelinurse says:

      That’s a good excuse to come to Israel and stock up in the duty free!

      Don’t know if this range of more medically-orientated skin care products is being sold in the UK yet, but they’re really good – as one would expect from the winning combination of Ahava and Teva.

      • Danom says:

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  3. Avril says:

    Their hand cream is THE best, all my mates (gentiles and jews!) know me for my supply of Ahava handcream, I have been spreading the news for years!!!!

  4. Richard Armbach says:

    Do these seven new countries include the UK ?

  5. Lynne T says:

    Ahava’s skin care products are fantastic. I just hope that their expansion plans include Canada, as there are not a lot of stories currently stocking Ahava.

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