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Autumn, why do I love you so? You’re by far my favourite of the four seasons.

I think I love autumn because it never lets me down. The British summer frequently disappoints, particularly this rainy year. Even the hot days can be annoying, especially when they prompt the people of England to attempt that most ghastly and overrated of things: the barbeque.

Winter and Spring have their charms, of course, but not as much as autumn and its multi-sensory extravaganza of crisp, cool days, characteristic smells, and dancing leaves. Halloween and bonfire night, too! Autumn is also my favourite time of the year for running. Both the marathons and most of the half marathons I’ve run have been held in October.

It is a season of calm and comfort. A beautiful one, too. So this year I’ve been snapping photographs on our daily walks through the area we live in. Here’s a selection, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Which season is your favourite?

6 Responses to “A season of calm and comfort”

  1. Tal H says:

    lovely :)

  2. Israelinurse says:

    Lovely pictures! Autumn is my favourite too, with the sudden burst of glorious colours and the piles of leaves just waiting for a leaf fight. And then there’s celery. These days, people are used to being able to get their hands on any vegetable almost all year round, but when I was a child, Autumn always meant celery season to me.

  3. Li says:

    So beautiful!

  4. Nellie Dee says:

    I love seeing your neighborhood. It looks like a very beautiful place to live. The trees are beautiful and the shrooms are amazing. Personally, I love summer in spite of the heat and usually get depressed when fall hits because I know winter is fast approaching, but I have actually enjoyed this fall and am appreciating it like never before. Thanks for sharing.

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