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I thought I’d share two articles I read today. Both of them really made me think.

Firstly, the brilliant Mark Gardner of the CST has posted about a French far-right politician who has called for a ban on Muslim veils and Jewish kippot. This shows once again that where there is Islamophobia, antisemitism is often present as well.

The other article is by Zahava Englard. Her son is an IDF soldier, serving on the border with Syria. She writes powerfully and beautifully as a mother, vividly explaining how it feels to have a son in such an increasingly volatile position:

So we read the news. We sit on pins and needles. We try to ignore the sickening churning in our guts, and swallow the cry that keeps inching up in our throats.

It’s worth reading her article in full. Maybe share it, too. Real life stories are such a powerful way of making the world realise what life is really like for the Israeli people.

Her words are all the more poignant today, after an IDF soldier was killed on the Egypt border as he defended his country from terrorist attack. Prayers are with his family.

3 Responses to “Some recommended reading”

  1. Avril says:

    Yes, she called for all religious head gear to be banned, mmmmm, I wonder if that would include nuns? Or what if the Pope visited France, could he wear his skull cap?

  2. Eyal says:

    I must note that the border with Syria is still the quietest of them all here (Though we can hear the shelling from the other side).
    I fear the moment that according to tradition in the Middle East, when 2 sides are fighting, the Israelis are attacked.
    And as somebody who lives not that far from the border, I believe the civilian population will be the one that will be targeted (again, all in the good Mid East custom).

    • Eyal says:

      Oh was I too hasty in manifesting the quietness of the Syrian border.
      This morning a few mortar shells has landed in some plantation on the Israeli side, luckily with no injuries.
      I fear the quiet period is up.

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