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Haha, this is funny. How many of these things have people said to you?

15 Responses to “Shit Christians say to Jews”

  1. PeterLazio says:

    Many people assume I’m a Jew. Why else would anyone stick up for Israel? As a consequence, its amazing how many of these questions I’ve had to answer.

  2. WestEndGirl says:

    Well, it’s quite funny that you turned this up as, when I pointed out on a womanist blog it was quite problematic for the original Shit White girls say to Black girls to only identify one, specific group in it – namely Jews – mentioning the whole ‘well we were slaves too, so why don’t you get over it?’ thing, I was told that:
    1) I was denying that Jewish women who identify as White do this or are racist – I didn’t and in fact said the opposite
    2) I was participating in Opression Olympics (my group suffered more than your group) when I didn’t say this, merely pointed out that it was problematic to collapse Jews into Whiteness as there are – duh duh duhhhh – Jews who aren’t White now and historically Jews were certainly not considered White
    3) told that (extremely pertinent to the vid here) “Jews are just a religion” by someone who is a Christian and Black and if you told her or other Women of Colour how to define themselves would throw an utter sh*t fit. And who – when I pointed out just how problematic her approach was given that there is, in fact, ongoing anti-Semitism and Gentile privilege (as in this vid) was just told I was ‘looking for an out’

    All of which proved to me one thing. Jews can’t win. We’re White evil power hungry rich overloads oppressing poor, Brown people (the US, West), or we’re sneaky non-Whites trying to hide among White people like regular people and bring them down (neo-Nazis, most of Eastern Europe) or just plain not anything at all, just human and possibly a religion (á la ‘progressives’ everywhere) and add to that Christ-killers and, well, you have Latin countries.


  3. Chas Newkey-Burden says:

    Very sad to hear of that experience.

    I agree, sadly, with your “can’t win” point. Reminds me of Amos Oz, who wrote: ‘When my father was a little boy in Poland, the streets of Europe were covered with graffiti, “Jews, go back to Palestine,” or sometimes worse: “Dirty Yids, piss off to Palestine.” When my father revisited Europe fifty years later, the walls were covered with new graffiti, “Jews, get out of Palestine.”’

    Also, as I put it in Not In My Name: “Anti-semitism has always been dominated by contradictions. The Jews have been attacked for being both communist schemers and capitalists plotting to take over the world. They can’t stop sticking their noses into others’ business yet they also must be attacked for keeping themselves to themselves. They were taunted for being too weak when the Germans tried to eliminate them from the face of the earth and are now slammed for being too strong when the Arabs try the same trick.”

    • William says:

      A further contradiction is that they get blamed both for losing wars (World War One in Weimar Germany) and for starting them in the first place (Iraq)!

  4. Shmuel says:

    LOL at video!

  5. Chas Newkey-Burden says:

    I’m off to Golders for shawarma…

  6. From Israel says:

    I’ve had a lot of these, including, “but you’re nice”. Some of it is anti-semitic, and some of it is hilarious.

    Check this out, hysterical,
    National Brotherhood Week (aka and everyone hates the Jews)

    And just to prove it:

    I once met a nice Catholic girl from Yorkshire who had spent some time on a kibbutz and had been travelling the world for two years. She had been everywhere, Cook Islands, Virgin Islands, you name it. She told me innocently and quite perplexed, that she had been everywhere, and everywhere she went people hated Jews, even when there weren’t any in their countries. She just couldn’t understand.

  7. MIke B says:

    She’s quite cute.

  8. Eleanor S says:

    this video makes me laugh! ive had quite a few comments.. particularly… are you actually jewish, you dont look jewish? (i was sitting at the jsoc stand at my uni, as the head of it). and sadly the money question as well.. which is ridiculous.

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  10. A fellow Jew says:

    “I’m looking for a good lawyer, do you know anyone?”
    I just died laughing. (:

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