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Roger Waters of Pink Floyd has a track-record of embarrassing himself when he makes posturing statements against Israel. He recently posted a short video, in which he attempts to speak about the boycott bill issue. It takes him to new depths.

Waters says the issue will ‘probably not be reported anywhere else in the world for various reasons’. He doesn’t explain what these reasons are, nor how these thousands of mainstream news stories about the issue from around the world have slipped through the net.

He describes BDS as ‘a loving political tool’. Well absolutely, what could be more loving than singling out Jewish businesses within the Jewish state, and trying to drive them out of business? That’s the very definition of love.

He quotes MK Zahava Gal-On, but refers to her as a ‘he’.

Attempting to declare his fulsome support to the campaign against the boycott bill, he says: ‘So I fully and entirely endorse…erm…what are they called?’

PS – To end on a happier note, check this video of Robbie Williams kissing and waving an Israeli flag at Wembley Stadium the other day. I’ve always adored Robbie and his music. Good on you, Rob!

20 Responses to “'I fully endorse…erm, what were they called?'”

  1. JD says:

    He’s just a strange old man trying to still matter in the world.

  2. JM says:

    Yes, he

  3. JM says:

    So Yes, he is an idiot, and yes, BDS is a problematic movement that doesn’t actually serve in the interest of the Palestinian people or Israeli people or bring us anywhere near a peace process.

    What you haven’t explicitly put in your blog is how ridiculous the boycott bill is, even if you don’t support BDS, on the basis of freedom of speech and freedom to dissent, a fundamental element of a working democracy…surely Roger is right about this at least?

    • Chas Newkey-Burden says:

      I’ve mixed feelings about the new law. On balance, I’m against it.

      Bear in mind, though, that many other countries have comparable laws, including France and America.

      • yuval says:

        not even the boycott bill? can we do anything to upset you?
        I don’t know the Franc law but the American law talks about firms and the possibility to prosecute them as a way to defend against boycotts financially, the Israeli “BoycotttBill” talks about the possibility to persecute anybody, including individuals who call for boycotting Israeli and settlements products (much like the anti democratic Palestinian law which refers to people who buy settlement products). it is in no way a legitimate law, but don’t worry an appeal has already been submitted to the Israeli High Court and given that Israel has no constitution the court is last legal hope at the moment (Peace Now have already started a civil action move to boycott settlement produce – something they prevented promoting until now).
        btw, no one cares about that… whats her name, singer of Pink Floyd.

  4. chairwoman says:

    Yay Robbie!

    Yay too Jason!

  5. eleanor says:

    oo thats random of robbie to do that! good though. xo

  6. Steve says:

    First of all, banning boycotting from within Israel is pointless, as people living in Israel are hypocrites unless they emigrate. Secondly, Roger Waters just comes across as sad man with a drug history.

    • Jonathan Hoffman says:

      The bill does not ‘ban’ boycotts. It just ups their price to the boycotters. A nice economic solution to the problem. Bravo Knesset members.

  7. Jonathan Hoffman says:

    The passing of this Bill (which makes the boycott a civil – not a criminal – offence) is hardly surprising given that the boycott represents an existential threat to Israel. Other democracies faced with existential threats have also resorted to measures which curtail normal freedoms (eg the UK ’s use of internment against suspected IRA terrorists).

    A boycott is itself anti-democratic: it violates freedom of trade, freedom of association and freedom of exchange of ideas. The Knesset can hardly be blamed for making boycotters pay a price. The Supreme Court is there as a check on the Knesset’s actions if necessary. No other country in the region has such a democratic array of institutions.

  8. Michelle says:

    Well said, Jonathan.

  9. Harvey says:

    I think waters should definitely receive a link of the video.

  10. Bella Center says:

    I agree with Chas about the new bill, but for Waters it’s simply a new vehicle for an anti-Israel rant. Pathetic burnt-out case.

  11. Zahava says:

    I disagree with the bill only in that it gives more ammunition to everyone who argues that Israel isn’t a democracy.
    But apart from the economic point of view, what about defamation? Most of the calls for boycotts based on lies.

  12. Tosca says:

    It is disconcerting that there are Israel supporters who are unsure as to the morality and wisdom of the Knesset in instituting this mild and overdue measure.
    It was the boycott of Jewish businesses in Nazi Germany that signalled the beginning of the end for Europe’s Jews.
    This latest tool of de-legitmisation has the power to undermine Israel from within, and is intended to do so.
    The exploitation by Israel’s left of Israel’s liberal and democratic laws and institutions in order to curtail and inhibit the freedoms of others of different persuasions, should be clearly understood for what it is, and dealt with appropriately.
    The move by the Knesset is indisputably correct.
    Israel is at war, albeit an unconventional one.

  13. Lesley says:

    BDS is NOT a “loving political tool”, as Roger Waters claims, but rather another way to delegtimise Israel. Moreover, boycotts resonate with the history of anti-Semitism. They amount to the exclusion and repudiation of Jews. Roger Waters’ perspective, as outlined in this video, is superficial and ignorant. He should be advised to keep his mouth shut.

  14. art for sale says:

    I’ve to state, Lets hope those guys end up getting exactly what they warrant, some people’s lives are getting wrecked

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