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I now often spend Friday nights with Chabad Lubavitch of Bloomsbury. These are joyous evenings, which I would recommend strongly. Rabbi Yisroel Lew is a magnificent man, who inspires, educates and entertains every week. He’s friendly and fun, and always makes me very welcome. He’s a knowledgeable, fascinating speaker, whether it’s about the Torah, the Rebbe or Israel. He even managed a quick Yogi Berra quote at the end of a D’var Torah, once. I nearly dropped my L’ Chaim glass!

There’s always lots of going on in and around Chabad Bloomsbury. On Wednesday June 1st, it will host a practical event entitled Mind in Control – Dealing with Stress and Adversity. Dr Gill Heart will teach a three-step process designed to enable participants to remain in control even while under life’s pressures. Dr Heart served in an elite Special Forces, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Commando unit. He now utilizes Special Forces training techniques to teach, practice and implement Kabbalistic concepts. On Wednesday, he promises to share techniques and exercises that will enable you to remain in control during stressful, every-day, life events. Sounds interesting and useful, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, you can help Chabad Bloomsbury’s work by purchasing a ticket in its raffle. The top prize is $10,000, and you win either way because just by entering you’re helping Chabad continue to bring light to the world.

Speaking of Chabad, here is a video featuring excerpts from a satellite feed of the Rebbe’s address to Children at a Lag BaOmer Parade in 1984.

8 Responses to “The joy of Chabad Bloomsbury”

  1. Avril says:

    Sounds wonderful! My cousin is a member of the Chabad in Hendon (though we are all from Liverpool originally) I am not particularly religious but whenever I have attended a Chabad event through him I have felt welcomed and enlightened!!

  2. Chas Newkey-Burden says:

    On a separate note, here is Bibi’s Congress speech amusingly remixed!

    • Avril says:

      Ha Ha !! Very good, as I have just commented on a previous days blog — BIBI for president!!!! LOL

  3. Gili says:

    I agree with every word. OyVaJoy!

  4. Dave says:

    Rabbi Lew sounds wonderful!

  5. David says:

    Do you know if Rabbi and Mrs. Lew are around during the summer? We’ve been trying to contact them for a few days because we’ll be in London Aug 25-29 (we’re from Toronto) and are looking to book a hotel in Central London and have Shabbos meals at Chabad of Bloomsbury … but we haven’t heard back yet, and we can’t book the hotel until we know we’ll have somewhere to go for Shabbos…

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