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My biography of Justin Bieber hits the shops any day now. It’s already getting a fair amount of publicity, including a full-page article in the News of the World and mentions on BBC Radio.

I sent the first printed copy of the book to Hayley Okines, who is a big fan of Justin. Regular readers might remember Hayley, who I wrote about last month. She suffers from a rare condition called Progeria, and has shown enormous strength and character in the face of it. So have her family. I am nominating her for a Pride of Britain award. You might like to as well?

I’ve got some interesting posts lined up for this week including my Jewish News column on Gilad Shalit, and a few bits of exciting news. So please stay tuned!

5 Responses to “Hayley Okines: Pride of Britain”

  1. Annabel says:

    Yes, I remember her and you writing about her. It’s wonderful you are so committed.

  2. Shmuel says:

    Sweet kid

  3. Jonathan S says:

    So nice of you to send her your first copy.

    looking forward to your posts over the next week!

  4. Ana Sherwood says:

    A Justin Bieber book, Chas? OMG, etc!

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