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Lauren Booth put in quite a performance at an Israel-bashing demo in London at the weekend. She described Mark Regev as “an Israeli killer Zionist” and said that if she hears his voice again she’s “going to vomit”. Thanks for sharing, Lauren.

She shrieked: “You wanna know something? I don’t care about Israel’s security.” At least she’s honest. She also declared: “The world should take up arms against Israel, right now, in revenge for this attack.” Then came a swift attempt at a backtrack. “By arms… by arms, let’s get it straight… we will march…our arms…are marching.” Whatever.

Her next thought was: “God bless all the Turkish martyrs”. She finished by asking the crowd: “Are you coming to Gaza, or what?” Watch the crazy video here and note how loudly the crowd cheer throughout.

40 Responses to “'I don't care about Israel's security'”

  1. Brenda says:

    In light of what resulted from our dear friend Helen Thomas’s hate filled rantings, I wonder if we can ever again really trust the lovely Lauren Booth to present the facts in a balanced, professional and factual manner in compliance with the Press Complaints Commission Code which can be checked here FYI: http://www.pcc.org.uk/cop/practice.html
    After seeing such emotionally charged and personally biased venting from Ms Booth, her ability to distinguish between “comment, conjecture and fact” must be called into question for starters, and that only covers item 1 – Accuracy!
    The climate in the UK in which we are living, which totally condones if not welcomes this kind of incitement to hatred of a Nation and a People, is deeply troubling at best.

  2. Marina Oliver says:

    Calling her a journalist doesn’t make her one. In Israel it’s a common knowledge that no country cares about Israel’s security least of all the UK.
    All the best.

    • Chas Newkey-Burden says:

      The government and much of the media and public may not, but some of us do care deeply.

      • Marina Oliver says:

        I see it on your blog Chas, thank you. It’s an oasis of sanity at times. Your work is really appreciated.

  3. Jonathan S says:

    Is there any legal problem with this sort of public incitement against Israel, to anyone’s knowledge?

    • Alec says:

      I was thinking the same, Jonathan.

      “By arms… by arms, let’s get it straight… we will march…our arms…are marching.”

      That doesn’t make sense.

  4. Brenda says:

    Marina, many of us in the UK do care about Israel’s security!

    • Marina Oliver says:

      Nice to hear Brenda! But from here it looks like the law is for some reason isn’t applied to certain individuals or organizations. Still, thank you for providing that extract.

  5. Brenda says:

    Under the Law of the United Kingdom, “incitement to racial hatred” was established as an offence by the provisions of §§ 17-29 of the Public Order Act 1986. It was first established as a criminal offence in the Race Relations Act 1976. The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 made publication of material that incited racial hatred an arrestable offence.
    This offence refers to:
    deliberately provoking hatred of a racial group
    distributing racist material to the public
    making inflammatory public speeches
    creating racist websites on the Internet
    inciting inflammatory rumours about an individual or an ethnic group, for the purpose of spreading racial discontent.
    Holocaust denial is not covered under this legislation, but laws against incitement to hatred against religions were later established under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006.

    I think there might be a legal issue here, based on the above.

    Any legal types in the house care to comment?

    • aparatchik says:

      I wouldn’t have thought there was a case there. “Israel” can be picked up and put down as a synonym for “jews” as and when the context requires. They could easily plead their case was against a state, not a nation.

      PS I’m Scottish and I also care about Israel’s security

  6. Gingy says:

    What a wonderful example of a caring, ‘humanitarian’, human being. I’m sure that the Gazan ‘government’ would love to have her as a permanent resident.
    The backtrack on “taking up arms” is not only brilliant, but very telling.

  7. DF says:

    I have passed this video on to a legal expert

  8. Shmuel says:

    She is a violence-hungry woman who has been caught spreading distortions many times before. I feel sorry for her, consumed by such hatred.

  9. Toby says:

    incredible and horrible

  10. Yvetta Bagel says:

    Well, even for that bimbo – yes, I know it’s sexist but I just can’t resist it in her case – calling Israel’s media spokesman “a killer” is a new low. It brings her into the realm of the despicable airheads who write abominable racist comments on YouTube everytime Regev is in a video.

    Incidentally, may I park these here, Chas? – they’ve brightened my day, and I hope yours too:


    Hamas, Israel, and the Gaza flotilla: seven facts you need to know – CSMonitor.com

  11. Chas Newkey-Burden says:

    “Is she really telling us that Israeli civilians deserve to die because of the actions of their government? Even if the Israeli government were engaged in all the murderous campaigns that Booth claims does she really believe that Palestinian terrorists would then be entitled to kill Israeli children simply because they are Jewish Israelis? It would seem that she does.

    “Indeed she went on to say that the world should take up arms against Israel in revenge. Peace activists just ain’t what they used to be.

    “Back in 2009, at another mass rally against Israel’s right to self-defence, Booth had declared ‘when Israel kills a Gazan child, they kill my child’. One can only fear for the welfare of children whose mother can make such shamefully disingenuous and flippant remarks.”

    From: http://tomfriedmann.blogspot.com/2010/06/how-do-you-solve-problem-like-lauren.html

  12. gary ashton says:

    some body sue the woman

  13. wendy says:

    Lauren Booth is an embarassment and a disgrace.
    Perhaps she should read this :


  14. Tim Johnston says:


    But I do love the way the applause dies down when she backtracks on the “take up arms against Israel” comment!

  15. Matt says:

    Haha classic. What a crazy bunch.

  16. Gary says:

    I found this site from a link on biased BBC blog


    (worth a look if you hate the BBC and it’s anti Israel hatespeak)

    God bless and protect Israel

  17. Anna Suhif says:

    Jihad in our time.

  18. Yvetta Bagel says:

    Yes, and how bizarre it is that an ostensible feminist, with daughters as well, seems determined to be Hamas’s poster girl.

  19. Yvetta Bagel says:

    On the subject of poster girls, Chas, I realise you’re not a “breast man” but I think you’ll be interested in this pair of tits

    I nicked the link from the great poster Joshua18 on the JC Blogs

  20. Kyle says:

    There was no need to call her a minger Chas

  21. Adam says:

    I complained to the police when George Galloway said he would “glorify Hezbollah” (he even said it was illegal at his speech) and Azzam Tamimi said Israelis are “all thives and liars”. The CPS siad it would not act, due to “lack of evidence” even though both these quotes came from the Jewish Chronicle, quoting speeches made in front of hundreds of people. I lost faith that day that the authorities will ever do anything. Even the student who, at the Oxford Union debating society, shouted “death to Jews” (he claims he merely said “Khaybar, oh Jew, the armies of Mohammed will return” – so that’s OK then) got away without prosecution.

  22. Adam says:

    Apologies for typos!

  23. Mitchell says:

    So, using Booth’s logic, if whoever kills civilians doesn’t deserve security, then I guess the so-called “Palestinians” don’t deserve security either, for how many women and babies have their leaders blown up and shot?!?!

  24. louisb says:

    I don’t get it? I thought it was the right of the Jewish community in the UK to complain about the bias of the BBC against Israel. Who is this dreadful woman and do I really need to know more about her?

    This would be quite laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

  25. zkharya says:

    I just watched that nutty speech by Booth. How long before all that hate is turned on British Jews who express sympathy for Israel, or allegedly insufficient sympathy for her cause.

    Not the brightest of the bunch or the most informed?

    But that is how it begins. The ‘innocence’ of ignorance, or stupidity, the hatred of transferred aggression (e.g. against the US or UK?) i.e. what the most dangerous antisemitism has always comprised.

    She’s daft, but dangerous.

  26. zkharya says:

    ‘the hatred of transferred aggression (e.g. against the US or UK?)’

    or against an in-law.

  27. zkharya says:

    It looks to me like Israel is an opportunity for this full time parent (who abandoned her children for some months) to let it all hang out. She can hate without inhibitions. Hatred without Boundaries, Loathing without End, as the song sort of goes.

    It’s a religion or faith of personal and universal salvation, personal for you, universal for Palestinian Muslims and Christians and the world, since you will remove the thorn from the side of the world that is Israel.

  28. a says:

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