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It transpires that while cities across Europe have hosted anti-Israel marches featuring pro-Hamas and pro-Hezbollah banners, Israel has been quietly working in the background to thwart a Hezbollah terror attack on European soil. Oh the irony.

Meanwhile, the row about the BBC’s stance on the aid appeal rumbles on. At first it seemed strange that those who have criticised the BBC over the aid issue are so unwilling to consider the fact that Hamas steals aid shipments and shells the aid crossing points. But I suppose that if they began to process that truth then their misconception of the entire conflict would begin to unravel. Perhaps it’s not as simple as big, bad Israel and poor, downtrodden Hamas?

No, that’s way too much to think about. La-la-la-la, I’m not listening. Where’s the aid bucket?

Israel has recently helped more poor Palestinians than most bleeding-heart Westerners. For instance, when a Hamas rocket aimed at Israel misfired and severely injured a Palestinian, Israel took the injured Palestinian into one of its own hospitals for treatment. Can you imagine if an Israeli missile misfired and hurt some Israelis, Hamas saving the lives of the injured Jews?

Irony upon irony: in recent weeks Israel has prevented a terror attack on Europe – the continent that was the scene of the first attempt to wipe out the Jews and of marches in support of the second attempt. Meanwhile, Israel has been treating Palestinians injured by Hamas terrorists in its hospitals.

Once again, Israel is proving a shining moral example to the rest of humanity.

To all of the UK’s Hamas-apologist bandwagon but particularly it’s odious leaders who whip demonstrators into a hateful frenzy with their dishonest rhetoric…

To the media who wilfully distort what happened in Gaza and why it happened…

To the trade unions and professors who promote anti-Israel hatred at every opportunity…

To Annie Lennox, Alexei Sayle and the rest of the celebrities who marched alongside Hamas supporters…

To the everyday Israel bashers who casually propogate ill-informed, anti-Israel nonsense…

Take a look a look at what happened to this man and then take a look at yourselves.

“I’m afraid the BBC has to stand up to the Israeli authorities occasionally.” So said Health Minister Ben Bradshaw of the BBC Gaza aid controversy. Presuming he’s serious, I think the Health Minister should be examining his own medical health. The BBC does nothing but heap abuse and distortion on Israel.

Similar unhinged thinking from the Catalunya government which has cancelled Holocaust Rememberance Day in protest against Israel’s defensive mission in Gaza. An Israeli friend of mine rang his 88-year-old holocaust survivor grandmother to tell her this news. She described those who made the decision as “little bastards”.Speaking of which, I see the pro-Hamas bandwagon is demonstrating outside the BBC today.

Jon Snow of Channel 4 News presented a Dispatches documentary last night complaining about how Israel managed the media during Operation Cast Lead. Snow was his usual pompous self and was absolutely incredulous that Israel has legitimate concerns about Western reporters producing distorted coverage of the conflict.

Distored coverage? Hmmm, who is this in this video describing the Qassam rockets that Hamas have been firing at Israel as: “pretty pathetic things – nobody gets injured.”

This photograph is of four-year-old Yuval Abebah, just one of the many Israelis who have been killed by the Qassam rockets that Jon Snow thinks are “pretty pathetic things” that injure nobody. Indeed, Abebah was killed long before Snow made this statement.

PS – When Jon Snow reported on last November’s Mumbai massacre, he described the killers as “practitioners”, rather than what they are – Islamic terrorists. (cf the BBC which refuses to describe suicide bombers who blow up school buses full of kids as ‘terrorists’, preferring to use the term ‘militants’, as if they are 21st century Derek Hattons.) Snow also, astonishingly, reported that the Mumbai terrorists showed a “wanton disregard for race or creed” when the exact opposite was the case. They deliberately and carefully targeted Jews, Americans and Britons.

I see Shas chairman Eli Yishai has spoken out against the idea of another gay pride rally in Jerusalem. Believe it or not, I largely agree with him.

They say that today is officially the gloomiest day of the year. So let’s have a giggle watching George Galloway grovelling up to his hero Saddam Hussein and lying about it.

Old school anti-semitism = Jews are a fundamentally Middle-Eastern people who don’t belong in Europe. If they won’t understand this, we’ll just have to teach them the hard way.

New anti-semitism = Jews are a fundamentally European people who don’t belong in the Middle East. If they won’t understand this, them over there will just have to teach them the hard way. And oh what the hell, let’s have a go at them here too.

From a great thread on Harry’s Place.

I’m currently reading The Righteous by Sir Martin Gilbert. It’s an incredible book about the unsung heroes of the Holocaust who saved the lives of Jews. It’s astonishing how many great things were done by ordinary people in those dark, dark times.

Anti-semitism is on the rise again as bigots use Operation Cast Lead as an excuse to attack Jewish people. Pro-Hamas demonstrators arrived armed with bricks and knives to confront Jews who wished to peacefully support Israel. One of them spat at a Jewish child. At their pro-Hamas demonstrations they routinely chant anti-semitic and pro-terror slogans. Afterwards, groups of them smash up Jewish business, vandalise synagogues and beat Jews on the streets of London. In more than one European capital Jews have been officially advised not to wear religious headgear in public.

Then there is the less aggressive but insidious poison of the everyday Israel basher. Those who condemn Israel for defending itself against Hamas terror but who ignore other conflicts (Turkey and Sri Lanka have both bombed opponents in recent weeks) and continue to overlook the genocide in Darfur. As I’ve said before, these people don’t give a toss about the Palestinians, they just want to bash Israel.

Again – so much darkness, but I know that for all these bigots and bullies there are good people too. We don’t need to make even a fraction of the sacrifice that the people featured in The Righteous made. We just need to speak up. Let’s keep being heard.

Julie Burchill has written about George W Bush in The Sun today. It’s a brilliant article and I don’t only say that because I’m quoted at the beginning and end of it! Good to see Not In My Name getting another plug, too.

Gerald Kaufman compares Israel’s self-defence with the Nazi holocaust. Here we seem him smiling alongside a terrorist.

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