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Archive for December, 2008

1) Hamas has fired more than 6,000 rockets from Gaza into Israel over the past seven years. During one such attack last Saturday, a Hamas rocket misfired and killed two young Palestinian girls.

2) Another Hamas rocket – fired on Monday of this week – killed an Israeli Arab construction worker in Ashkelon. Most of those injured in that attack were also working-class Arabs.

3) Last Thursday, a Hamas rocket aimed at Israel misfired and severely injured a Palestinian. Israel allowed the Palestinian into one of its own hospitals for treatment.

4) The ‘university’ that Israel hit was actually a training ground for Hamas terror which included bomb-making laboratories, rocket-propelled grenades and storage facilities for suicide bomb belts. It was founded by the late Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the mastermind of countless terror attacks on Israel. There were no casualties in Israel’s attack on the ‘university’.

5) Hamas freely admits that most of those killed by Israeli attacks over the past week are not civilians, but Hamas terrorists.

The British camera crews who have flocked to Gaza this week never bothered taking their cameras to film any of the 6,000+ rockets that Hamas have fired into Israel since 2001.

But Chutzpah Productions have made a film about what the residents of southern Israel have been facing for seven years. I recommend you watch this film, which is being promoted by the wonderful people at 12Tribes.

You know what gets me most? That little girl, she shouldn’t even know the word ‘Qassam’. Not at her age. Thank goodness Israel is finally acting on this.

The aforementioned Tom Gross has produced a typically excellent dispatch that tells it like it is about events in Gaza. It’s so worth reading.

Meanwhile, I think this cartoon from Dry Bones is brilliant and so true.

So the rather lovely-looking Alex Haines says that Amy Winehouse has spent up to £3,500 a week on drugs. He also says she is a bulimic who stuffs her face with McDonalds and then throws up over the sink.

Meanwhile, more photos are forthcoming of Amy on her holiday in St Lucia. She’s looking great. Perhaps her lifestyle has more to recommend it than we thought?

Come on Amy, there must be a book in this: ‘Amy Winehouse’s Crack & Big Mac Diet’. You know where to find me if you need a ghostwriter.

I don’t think he’s ugly at all. But I’m delighted he has been spared the chop.

Happy holidays everyone.

I had completely forgotten I did this interview. Not surprising, really. Not only was it a year ago, but I’d also spent the weekend at Julie’s prior to this chat. I was still a little bit mashed as I did it. Method acting, one could say, given the subject matter! I love the OTT style of the show!

Clark And Michael really has made me happy this year. I love it on so many levels: it reminds me of LA, where Chris and I honeymooned, it rings true on the highs and lows of pitching ideas to people, and it features the one and only Michael Cera who is glorious in every way.

The trailer for the series is below. You can watch all the episodes here.

I haven’t been watching Strictly Come Dancing at all. But I know that Rachel Stevens is in tonight’s final. I did a big feature with her a couple of years ago. I spent the best part of three days with her and she was absolutely wonderful throughout. We gossiped about Busted and Lemar backstage at Saturday Night With Ant & Dec, we strolled from bar to bar in Soho and giggled as a series of men more or less fell at her feet, we discussed which Arsenal players we fancied and we tittered about her pointy nipples. Oh yes, we even managed to squeeze in an interview and photo-shoot.

She’s lovely and I really hope she wins. I might even tune in!

Go on, you know you want to!

I received another foreign edition of one of my books today. It was the Brazilian edition of my Amy Winehouse biography, and very nice it looks too. But the most exciting aspect is that there is a television advert in Brazil for my book! See below.

My Amy and Paris Hilton biogs are selling well overseas. At the last count, the Amy book had been sold to Belgium, France, Brazil, Holland and Finland. The Paris book has so far gone to Sweden, Russia, France, Finland and Japan. Bravo!

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