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Archive for July, 2008

I was just nodding off to sleep late last night when a researcher from Sky News rang and asked if I’d go on their morning show to discuss Amy Winehouse’s latest hospitalisation. I’ve been on Sky quite a few times off the back of my books and had kind of expected the call since news of the hospitalisation broke. “Great – we’ll send a car at 5am”, said the researcher. 5am?! Blimey.
It turned out to be a particularly entertaining visit. Eamonn Holmes was the presenter and he was great value off-camera, cracking jokes right up until a few seconds before we went live. I did the slot, and then as I was leaving during an advert break he shouted: “Oi, where do you think you’re going, Chas? I want you back on in an hour!” So I did a second slot, and Eamonn and I had a bit of banter live on-air about the big bucket of fried chicken that Amy’s father Mitch claimed was for her when he arrived at the hospital. We both suspect it was really for Mitch.
While hanging round in the green room between appearances, I met the lovely and rather glamorous Lisa Francesca Nand, who is a Sky regular doing the newspaper review. She told me her nickname is Chessy, and I told her that some of my friends call me Chassy. We chuckled heartily at the coincidence. Things like that seem so much funnier at 5.40am, don’t they? I think Chessy and Chassy should be friends though. Don’t you?
The first serial rights for Not In My Name have been sold to the Daily Mail, which will begin the serialisation this Thursday. It’s an interesting development. After all, this is the newspaper that described my co-author Julie Burchill as ‘Britain’s worst Mother’, and which we criticise in the book. Still, the money will come in handy. We’re all hypocrites now!

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